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Thai Soup Restaurant in Montréal

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All Mia Thai Cuisine soups are made from scratch as tradition dictates. We use fresh produce and vegetable stock broth for all to enjoy. Call now to order.

A Meal In and Of Itself

Thai soup recipes are usually for the main course, as opposed to an opening appetizer or side dish. This is very different than many types of Western food in which soups are a great opening treat. Soups in Thailand are almost exclusively clear broths or light coconut milk based dishes with the addition of herbs, vegetables, meat and seafood.

Soups in Southeast Asian cuisine are known to be wonderfully fragrant and full of the typical spicy and exotic flavors of the region, including basil and chilies. At Mia Thai Cuisine, we are masters of the many varieties of soups found in throughout the country, made the right way. Enjoy!

Eat. Drink. Love.

Thai Soup Restaurant Montréal
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Thai Soups You Need to Try

Thailand is well-known for its many world-famous dishes. One of the best delicacies of Thai cuisine is the soups, which are guaranteed to not only satisfy your taste buds but also to lighten your mood, especially if you’re having a hectic day.

Here are two of the best soups Mia Thai Cuisine has to offer:

Tom Yum – often imitated, never bettered. It is a mix of coconut milk, lime or lemon, and lemongrass, a very potent and tasty combination. The versatility of this dish is unmatched as well and can be filled with all kinds of meats to satisfy any meat-lover out there. Substitute the meat with mushrooms, and you have yourself a filling vegetarian soup to satisfy your cravings.

Thai Pumpkin Coconut Soup – Looking for something a little earthy in flavor, yet one that packs a punch? Try out our Thai Pumpkin Coconut Soup. Filled with coconut milk and, obviously, pumpkins, you get a delicious and very healthy broth, similar to curries.

Every meal is a happy meal

Thai Soup Restaurant Westmount

A bowlful of goodness

At Mia Thai Cuisine, we want you to enjoy your visit and would love to receive your feedback. Feel free to get in touch with us for bookings and queries through our contact form or by phone.


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