Authentic Thai cuisine
made from scratch with love

Thai Restaurant Montréal

Mia Thai Cuisine, on St Denis Street, is open for lunch and dinner Tuesday thru Friday and open Saturday and Sunday. Swing by to enjoy the best Thai food Montréal has to offer or call us for a delivery.

The place to be
in Montreal

About us
Our Story

Mia Thai Cuisine is an authentic Thai restaurant, owned and run by a genuine Thai family. We started out as a catering company operating out of our own home, and slowly worked our way up to opening our restaurant located on the lively St Denis Street in the heart of Montreal in early 2020.

We are a fully licensed restaurant and offer ample space for both casual dinners and parties who may find our restaurant space perfect for a get-together. Our menu is is heavily influenced by the cuisine of the Isaan region in North East Thailand, the birthplace of our owner Jiratarn (Mia to her friends and hungry patrons.)

We’re open throughout the week for lunch and dinner – why not pop in for a genuine taste of Thailand? We’d love to have you.

Come enjoy a real taste of Thailand

Thai Restaurant Montréal

A world of Thai goodness
awaits you!

Mia Thai Cuisine
Our Dishes

Here at Mia Thai Cuisine, we focus on quality and use the freshest ingredients, the finest cuts of meats, and authentic Thai spices and herbs for our curries, stir-fries, and other dishes. When it comes to portion sizes, our dishes are prepared family-style and are meant to be shared and enjoyed by the whole table. Be sure to let us know your preferred spice levels since some of our dishes can be quite high on the heat meter.

Nonetheless, if you find the spice a little too overbearing, our wide range of authentic Thai iced teas will soon soothe the burn. 

We’re know for our quality and freshness

Thai Appetizers Montréal

Why Dine With Us?

Authentic Thai Food

Genuine Thai recipes, created by a culinary master

Fresh Ingredients

All herbs and spices are selectively handpicked and come from Thailand

Street Parking

We offer convenient street parking, except in summer

Friendly Service

We love making our patrons feel at home.

Have the Thai-m of your life with us

At Mia Thai Cuisine, we want you to enjoy your visit and would love to receive your feedback.
Feel free to get in touch with us for bookings and queries through our contact form or by phone.


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